The Bandwaggon

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The Concept.

Recording a band in a room, any room, is also about the relationship you have with that particular space.

Which can be like the fifth member of the group, each space brings out a different kind of mentality in making a record. Musicians perform differently in different settings, which is the reason I started The BandWaggon in the first place.

For me it's the same as it always was, capturing as much feel and vibe as possible with each take.

That means getting as much of the track recorded live, as well as retaining the character of the room we are in, and it's respective ambience, dead, or alive.

It is important that musicians have a sense that this occasion is special, a once in a lifetime moment….

I'm all about the space that you record in, being as important as the equipment you use, The Racks of gear I've put together, allow the freedom to record practically anywhere you want to, while preserving the sonic fingerprint of the studios from the past that I hold dear.

The ultimate goal here is to capture and preserve that moment in time, the magical moment when a song has been captured, with all the vital energy, & emotion intact.

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