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Super 8 Records, here's the scoop;

Super 8 is basically a extension of the remote recording concept as with our BandWaggon remote rig.

The main difference is, Artists, if they choose Super 8, they will be recording direct to 8 tracks via an IZ Radar 6.

And they will ONLY HAVE 8 TRACKS to record onto.

We can bounce between tracks, do block editing and such, but basically it will be like recording to an old 8 track Analog Tape reel to reel machine, without the hassle of maintaining, or transporting, the big old beast.

Thus saving the client $$$ for the session.

The Benefits in my opinion are great.

recording mics

The discipline required to make a good sounding record using just 8-tracks, often yields a lot better results.

The fact that lots more tracks are now available has always led to more laziness in the studio, no matter how great the engineers, performers, and producers...

I've spent most of my life using more tracks than necessary, and have watched the recording community slowly pick bit by bit, the humanity out of recorded music. I for one can't take it any longer.

The fact that we have limited ourselves (as well as the artists) to using only 8 tracks gives us the unique opportunity to make decisions on the fly. Not allowing for countless decisions to be made later. We have to work quick, keep the session energy flowing, making final decisions, & performance choices on the spot, and going with it.

The way it was,
The way it should be,
And now,
The way it still is~!

This method of recording might not suit every type of artist, or musical genre, but for some this is the only way to go.


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