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The disclaimer....

Now this style of recording isn't for everybody. Recording this way requires a bit of discipline, and usually works better for bands that play together on a regular basis.

Also location recording is not cheap, nor a good way to make a record for cheaper.

Sometimes, It's actually cheaper to go into a studio as it's much more efficient and faster. For a long project, a location recording could potentially save some money, as it would be cheaper then a long term lockout at a major facility. But at that point, you're looking at a sizable budget anyway.

But for some projects and musicians, getting outside of a traditional studio environment for part or all of the project can be a great way to go.

(A live recording of your band at a show is a very different thing from a location recording. And not what we are offering here, that is another thing altogether).

Remember not all rooms will work for a location recording. There is no point trying to make a recording in a shitty sounding, uncomfortable space. The key to a good location recording is a good sounding, comfortable space that's inspiring to make music in.

Before any recording of this type is to be booked, it would be advisable that the band / artist contact us here, to make sure the room is right for the project you are considering.

We will discuss all aspects of the proposed recording with you in detail before we confirm the project.

Things like room size, furniture, noise coming in, going out, neighbors, parking, electric, heat, air conditioning etc, all come into play here.

This should all be discussed, and determined ahead of time. Last thing we want is to have any last minute surprises during the actual sessions!

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