The Bandwaggon

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What's in a name?

"The BandWaggon" remote recording company has its roots based in the recording methods, disciplines, & tools, that were used in the creation of records from 1960's & 70's.

Basically born out of my disgust over the misuse of the new recording technologies, and the irreversible affect those technologies have had on the music released since.

You see, I've always really liked the vibe of those location recordings from the 60's & 70's and there are lots of classic records made outside of traditional studios, for example, The Basement Tapes, Exile On Main Street, and Led Zeppelin, III, & IV, Machine Head, Quadrophenia, Drive On, Bad Company, etc, etc...

That being said, I get quite a bit of material to mix here at my studio that artists have recorded at home. And a lot of the time I feel they just fall short of capturing the true essence of their songs. Sometimes the recordings have a great vibe but was recorded so poorly that it's hard to get past the bad sonics and listen to the tune. Obviously "LoFi can be really cool when done on purpose, but accidental distortion, or poorly recorded tracks are usually just plain bad sounding!

So it got me thinking,
How could I bridge the gap between a band booking time in a high end Recording Studio, and doing something that just doesn't quite cut it in their home?

I thought if I could offer a band some really great gear, bring it to the location of their choice, and set it all up. I'd help them help to create the record of their dreams all while being in a NO STRESS environment that they are already comfortable in.

This would be really cool. we'd capture the great vibe and cool little nuances that make home recordings so vibrant and real, all while avoiding the pitfalls of inexperience that just sound wrong.

To me this seemed like a 'best of both worlds' scenario.

So to that end, The BandWaggon was created as to offer my clients another avenue to make state of the art recordings in remote locations, all while in the comfort of whatever location they choose, and at reasonable rates!

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